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Find out how Sila Services can elevate your HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical business using our proven framework for success.

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Welcome to
Sila Services

At Sila Services, we help businesses achieve exponential growth and sustained success by providing proven scalable solutions. As experts in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical industries, we are uniquely positioned to provide a partnership like no other.

Rooted in Values

At Sila Services, we define the industry-leading standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability–making our core values the driving force behind every decision we make and partnership we establish.

  • People First
  • Results Driven
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Customer Centric
  • Community Rooted

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How Sila Services Does It Better

By uniting the industry’s top HVAC Plumbing, and Electrical contractors, we have created a powerhouse of unparalleled skill, reach, and resources. This proven framework allows us to better serve our customers, our team, and
our community.

  • Growth
  • Value
  • Legacy
  • Retention

New Opportunities
For Growth

Our team works closely with you and your team
to understand the specific needs and goals of your business and develops customized
strategies to achieve them. By leveraging our industry knowledge, operational expertise, and innovative strategies, we’ll empower your businesses to unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion.

“The people on the Sila Services team truly
want to help. They really want to help your business grow.”

- Mike Cappuccio, Founder, N.E.T.R

Rewarding Your Success

At Sila Services, we are  uniquely positioned to maximize the long‑term value of your business and provide an above‑market
offer that recognizes what you’ve built and rewards all that
you’ve accomplished.

“Our growth really went into overdrive with this team, and I couldn’t be happier.”

- Zack Samuel, Co-Founder and Operations Manager, Adam Mechanical

Preserving Your Legacy

When it comes to a Sila Services partnership, we understand that your business is more than just an asset; it is your legacy. That’s why we’re  committed to preserving your brand  and ensuring that the foundational  vision and values that drove your success are maintained for years to come.

“It wasn’t about selling and going away, it was
about growing with a true partner and Sila
Services delivered.”

- John Parker, Founder and GM,
JSP Home Services

Retaining Key Talent

We understand that the greatest value that differentiates our businesses is our people. Retaining your key talent is critical to the success of our  partnership and we prioritize retention throughout the entire process. With our expertise in organizational design, talent management, and culture integration, we ensure long-term success that’s built around a unified team focused on driving
accelerated growth.

“Sila Services provides us with unmatched support, from HR to Sales and Marketing, they have allowed me to focus on running my business and accelerating its growth to record levels of success.”

- Seth Samuel, Co-Founder and GM, Adam Mechanical

Stronger Together with Sila Services


Our Story

The Sila Services Story

Learn more about Sila Services from our CEO, Jason Rabbino and the founders of companies we’ve partnered with.

Meet Mike Cappuccio

A Partnership You Can Trust

Mike Cappuccio, founder of N.E.T.R., shares key factors that influenced his decision to partner with Sila Services and allow N.E.T.R. to achieve its maximum potential.

Meet Seth & Zack Samuel

New Opportunities For Your Business

Seth and Zack Samuel, co-founders of Adam Mechanical talk about Sila Services and its proven ability to deliver unparalleled opportunities for growth, offer access to advanced technology and industry insights, and other collaborations that are propelling their business to new heights.

Meet John Parker

We’re On Your Team

John Parker, founder of JSP Home Services, highlights Sila Services’ comprehensive approach that streamlines every aspect of the business with a proven playbook that leverages entrepreneurial expertise to amplify results without imposing rigid directives.

Our Story

Meet Mike Cappuccio

Meet Seth & Zack Samuel

Meet John Parker

  • Our Story
  • Meet Mike Cappuccio
  • Meet Seth & Zack Samuel
  • Meet John Parker

Our Footprint

Sila Services is the leading home services platform for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical solutions serving customers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.

We have assembled a team of best-in-class, complementary HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical services providers, to drive collective growth, improved efficiency, and an unmatched customer experience.


We take great
businesses and make
them extraordinary

Our approach is centered around leveraging our expertise in strategy, finance, and operations in order to grow and strengthen the brand you’ve created. We work closely with the leadership team of each business to develop a clear roadmap for success, using data-driven insights and industry best practices to guide our decision‑making.

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The Partnership Process

At Sila Services, we pride ourselves on making the partnership process as seamless as possible for potential sellers. We understand that real partnerships require real effort, so we take a hands-on approach with real support every step of the way.


Getting Connected

Sila is focused on building long-term relationships to build an industry-leading company for tradespeople.  We don’t “do deals”, we invest in partnerships.  That means that we start by getting to know great leaders and their companies and ensuring aligned values, visions, and expectations.

Fit Evaluation

Assuming we both see a potential fit, the next step involves the evaluation of a potential partner’s business. This includes analyzing basic financial data, understanding the strengths of the current team, and identifying areas where Sila could help accelerate performance and opportunities for your team.

Letter of Intent & Due Diligence

Once both of us agree there is a potential fit, we will execute a Letter of Intent (LOI), agreeing on the high-level terms of an investment and go-forward partnership.  Sila then conducts in-depth due diligence on all financial, operational, legal, and other aspects of the business to ensure we have a shared understanding of current and projected performance.

Integration Planning & Closing

With due diligence complete, Sila will work with you to finalize the go-forward plan for our partnership.  This includes everything from the deal structure to the purchase price, to jointly developing integration and go-forward operating plans.  There is never a one-size-fits-all approach or a “Sila Plan”. We customize a plan together so we jointly own its success and are equally excited about the future.  With that in hand, the transaction is completed and funded and our partnership kicks off.

Seamless Integration

Our full-time, dedicated integration team members work with you to execute all the steps of the onboarding plan in line with our agreed upon priorities and timelines.  We actively engage your team, deliver on our commitments, and rapidly expand your support to allow you to more successfully run and grow your business.

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Our Leadership

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Sila Services is a portfolio company of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, who has provided guidance on critical strategic and operational matters, including formulating strategy, raising and allocating capital, and evaluating add-on acquisitions.

Morgan Stanley Capital Partners also assists its portfolio companies to achieve best practices by seeking to recruit talented executives, and advising on the design and implementation of appropriate incentive structures, financial controls and governance systems.