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Accelerate Your
Career with Sila Services

Sila University offers a curriculum designed to accelerate your career and propel you towards new heights of success. We have carefully curated a comprehensive range of courses, training programs, and skill development initiatives that are tailored to enhance and strengthen your business.

While there are many standardized courses available, Sila U stands out with its unique capability. It addresses the individual needs of your team members, providing opportunities for both career and personal growth. Additionally, we expand on our very own Six Shared Values:

  • People First
  • Results Driven
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Customer Centric
  • Community Rooted

What is covered in
the curriculum?

Talent & Retention

In an increasingly competitive labor environment, our commitment to compelling training and career development is pivotal in attracting and retaining exceptional technical and support talent. This includes being able to “build our own” expert technicians, sellers, and more in a tight labor environment.

Optimizing Productivity & Results

Our Sila U curriculum materially enhances our ability to teach our standardized processes and best practices to enhance productivity and long-term success. This part of the curriculum will be beneficial to technicians, sales reps, CSRs, and management.

Increasing Business-Level Focus

With Sila U, our comprehensive training program takes care of the scheduling, management, and quality validation of training initiatives, allowing leaders to focus on driving impactful outcomes without being distracted by logistical challenges.

Long-Term Solutions

Extensive market feedback, combined with our experience highlights the significance of a comprehensive training program and resources in positioning HVAC businesses for future sponsors. We provide exceptional support, while simultaneously delivering an impressive and cost-effective experience that leaves a lasting impression on potential sponsors.


Bringing Your Team
To The Next Level

Sila University helps support our vision to turn great businesses into extraordinary ones. With a carefully crafted program that covers essential industry knowledge, technical skills, and best practices, we empower team members to enhance their capabilities in the HVAC field. Completing the Sila University course will set your team apart in every aspect of their day‑to‑day roles.

Outcomes & Success

“The resources provided to our team are major drivers of our growth. We collaborate with other GMs on similar experiences, rely on the Sila Services proven playbook of strategies, and focus on growth by taking care of our customers.”

- Seth Samuel, Co-Founder and GM,
Adam Mechanical

“Since we’ve come on board with Sila Services, the collaboration of best practices and having a network of other leaders helps to provide a constant spark of creativity and new strategies. Our growth has really gone into overdrive with this team, and I couldn’t be happier.”

- John Parker, Founder and GM,
JSP Home Services

“Sila Services provides us with support, unlike anything we’ve ever had before. They’ve helped with hiring, marketing, technical support, and much more…we’ve really benefited from
these resources!”

- Zack Samuel, Co-Founder and Operations Manager, Adam Mechanical

“Sila Services has an excellent leadership team. The amount of experience in serving customers and their track record of driving sustainable growth is best in class, which creates a
great impact.”

- Mike Cappuccio, Founder, N.E.T.R

“When I was looking at partners for my company, Sila Services stood out as the group that was from the industry and has actually grown a business from the ground up. It wasn’t about selling and going away, it was about growing with a true partner and they’ve over delivered.”

- John Parker, Founder and GM,
JSP Home Services