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It’s in the power of
what we do together

It’s In The Power of What We Do Together

We hire, empower, and develop the careers of the best people to ensure that every  partner can count on us for best-in-industry excellence, integrity, and value.

Excellence. Integrity. Value.

At Sila Services, our collective strength is our
competitive advantage.



A comprehensive & integrated solution, with unmatched capabilities and resources.



A dedicated team that brings expertise and innovation to everything we do.



We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations, consistently delivering outstanding results.



With streamlined, efficient processes we ensure seamless execution at every stage.

The Beginning Of Sila

We started as owners, just like you

We Started As
Owners Just Like You

We have a deep understanding and appreciation for the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical industries because it’s how we got our start. Like you, we began our journey in the HVAC industry, learning the ropes and building our expertise through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

We know firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with operating in this dynamic and rapidly-evolving industry, and are well-positioned to help our partners navigate those complexities to achieve success.

Our Story

Better Together with Sila Services

Our leadership team includes seasoned operators and HVAC industry veterans who work in tandem to propel progress for our platform and each brand in the portfolio.

Jason Rabbino

Chief Executive Officer
Jason leads Sila’s relentless focus on collaboration, career training & development, and best practices that are creating...

Michael Rudolf

Chief Operating Officer
Mike Rudolf is the Chief Operating Officer at Sila, where he excels in refining business processes to boost both employee...

Kyle Martin

Vice President, Corporate Development
Kyle Martin is the VP of Corporate Development at Sila, where he fosters growth through strategic investments...

Jack Rothacker

Jack Rothacker, a third-generation heating and AC professional, founded Sila in the Philadelphia area in 1989... FULL BIO

Kyle Fisher

Chief Financial Officer
Kyle Fisher is the Chief Financial Officer at Sila Services, where he supervises all financial operations, accounting... FULL BIO

Ryan Flaherty

Chief Revenue Officer
Ryan Flaherty, the Chief Revenue Officer at Sila Services, plays a pivotal role in supporting the national and fostering ... FULL BIO

Edward McFarlane

VP of Training, Development &
Employee Engagement
Eddie McFarlane serves as the VP of Training, Development, and Engagement at Sila Services, where he... FULL BIO

Andrew Moffatt

Vice President, Marketing
Andrew Moffatt, as Vice President of Marketing at Sila Services, leads the company's expert marketing... FULL BIO

Nicholas Vakay

Vice President, Field Operations
Nick Vakay is the Vice President of Field Operations at Sila Services, where he collaborates with local... FULL BIO

Steve Zimmerman

Chief Information Officer
As Chief Information Officer, Steve Zimmerman delivers exceptional IT leadership, vision, strategy, and... FULL BIO

Our Shared Vision

We believe in investing in people.
For us, it's not a job;
it's our way of life.

The Sila Advantage